QR 678 Therapy

Hair fall is becoming a problem with large incidence and affecting social, physical as well as mental well being state. There are many types of treatment which are treating hair fall partially. Research group led by Dr. Rinky Kapoor and Dr. Debraj Shome has come out with revolutionizing hair growth therapy, QR 678



What Is QR 678?

QR means Quick Response. 678 means there is no answer. This molecule has been named QR 678 to signify a “Quick Response to a disease which earlier had no answer”!

It is minimal invasive treatment which will help arrest of hair fall.



How does the QR 678 therapy work?

Basically growth factor is injected to the scalp of patient. Growth factor is a naturally occurring substance capable of stimulating cellular growth, proliferation and celullar differentiation. Usually it is a protein which is present locally and causes growth of that particular tissue. Growth factors are important for regulating a variety of cellular processes.

The network of capillaries surrounding the base of the hair follicle delivers the nutrients – amino acids, vitamins, and minerals – necessary for proper functioning. Cell division in the hair follicle is extremely fast. This rapid cell proliferation requires a constant supply of nutrients. The inducting signals for the hair follicle growth are the growth factors identified by our team in the revolutionary artificially prepared concoction ‘QR 678’.



How many sessions are required?

It is 15 min. long painless procedure which requires no hospitalization.1 ml of medicine is required for injection.6-8 sessions are required for the hair growth depending upon baldness of patient at the interval of 2-3 weeks.



How much is the success rate?

More than 90% cases are successful with this therapy with no side effects. The only side-effect we encountered in our trial was mild infection in one patient. This patient had pre-existing dandruff and even though this was treated, he did develop very mild scalp infection, which responded favorably to oral antibiotics.



What should I do after completion of sessions?

Local applications are prescribed to you can be helpful for maintenance of hair post therapy.


So folks, if you are suffering with the same problem, please contact us on doctor@myglobalhospital.com and we will assist in arranging your appointment for the treatment.








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